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Mountain Lake

A science-based, root-cause approach to wellness

for busy mothers and women of all stages


Hi, I'm Kaitlin Girard
Certified Functional Nutrition Informed Professional (CFNIP)

I'm a mother of two and a registered nurse, having spent most of my career thus far in the fields of perinatal and women's health.  Throughout my own wellness journey and my time as a clinician, I have experienced the limitations in conventional medicine that hinder deep-rooted wellness and healing.  I'm here to fill that gap - To help you find the joy in getting and staying well; to support you so that you can continue supporting the people you love. 

Education and Certifications

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

PESI-Evergreen Certifications

Certified Functional Nutrition Informed Professional (CFNIP)

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Hormone Health Certificate


Using nutrition and holistic tools
for attainable and sustainable wellness

Helping women

- Gain relief from chronic fatigue and brain fog

- Support mental health and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression

- Balance blood sugar and stabilize energy levels

- Manage stress

- Optimize hormone function and reproductive health

Why a nurse coach?

Nurses are trained to:

- Decode medical jargon

- Help you advocate for yourself in your provider's office

- Delve into the research with a critical eye

- Educate, empower and heal the WHOLE person

My services

I am based out of New Hampshire and hold a multi-state license.  I am able to provide telehealth services to anyone residing in a state that participates with the NLC

I provide highly individualized, actionable recommendations along with education to help you heal and thrive.  Wellness is not one-size-fits-all.  With bio-individuality and sustainability in mind, we work as a team to meet your wellness goals.  During our sessions, you will learn about how your body works, what it might be asking for, and how to take care of yourself in a more intuitive way.  


I will help you identify any areas of possible nutritional deficit that could be affecting your mental wellbeing and/or performance.  Teaching points may include intuitive eating and how/when/what to eat in order to regulate your metabolism, nervous system, and hormone function.

Tools for wellbeing

I provide teaching and resources around mindfulness, meditation, exercise and movement, sleep hygiene, and more.

Is a nurse coach right for YOU?

You may be a candidate for holistic nurse coaching...

- If you feel that you are making healthy choices, but still don't FEEL healthy. 

- If you hear so much noise in the wellness community and you're not even sure what "healthy choices" are anymore.

- If you are tired of "band-aids" and treating your symptoms, and would rather treat the root cause.

- If you are willing to do the work that will provide lifelong wellness for you and your family.

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